Lost American Tour


Netherlands: Windmill

Leuwarden: Windmill
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I don't exactly remember where I was when I took this picture. Except for that I was in the Netherlands, in a city, in the north. This is the only picture you will see from my trip from the Netherlands. Because it was crappy out every day I was there. And my pictures were crap.

Ireland: Sheep

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Stalking this sheep was exactly like the Discovery channel. Then this thing flashed some fangs and came chasing after me. And I'm like, "oh fuck" and I ran. But it kept gaining on me. I could hear the bloodsucking feind right behind me. Then it got ahold of my leg and slammed me into the ground and started eating my organs. It turns out it was a zombie sheep. And now I'm a zombie, too.

Ireland: Wishing Steps

Wishing Steps
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You have to walk up backwards with your eyes closed. Then you make a wish. Like not to die being a tourist.

Ireland: Monestary Window

Monestary Window
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It just framed nice.


Venice: Canal

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We were completely and utterly lost when I took this. Star and I were in the residential district and there wasn't a church or square to be found to navigate by.

Venice: Gondola

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On the Grand Canal, from the gondola ride. You can see half of the Rialto Bridge on the back of the picture. It is the beautiful bridge that crosses the Grand Canal in Venice. There are only 3 or 4 bridges that cross it.

Venice: Grand Canal

Grand Canal
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I took this picture off the Rialto Bridge. This may have been before my lunch of pizza on the bridge.

Venice: Wooden Motorcycle

Wooden Motorcycle
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Someone has gas in the public library where I'm getting my wifi fix. You bitches better appreciate this.

Oh, this is the wooden motorcycle that I remembered from my first time in Venice. It was nice to see something familiar. Even though all of Venice is pretty static.

Venice: Statue

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On top of a churchy building. I liked the way the sun was hitting them. My picture is crap, though.

Venice: St. Marks

St. Marks
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The people feed the birds in the square. They infest the place. I'm surprised it isn't covered in shit.

Gawd, that was the nicest thing to say about a pretty picture.


Ireland: Cliffs of Moher

Cliffs of Moher
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Ireland: Moher Castley Thing

Moher Castley Thing
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Ireland: Ring of Kerry

Ring of Kerry
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Green grass in February? Wow!

Ireland: Five Mile Beach

Five Mile Beach
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Ireland: Dingle

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These are some boats in the fishing village of Dingle. Yeah, you can't see the village in this shot. But I assure you, there are shops and houses. Really, it is very touristy. I think the fish smell might be fake.

Ireland: Blarney Castle

Blarney Castle
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This is taken from the top of Blarney Castle (where they hide the Blarney Stone).


Lodon: palace guard

palace guard
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Mmm, men in uniform.

I've got to get some damn sleep.

London Buildings

London Buildings
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It was a pretty day. I am a sucker for a skyline. Especially one with a parabola building.

London: Shakespear's Globe Theater Stage

This is the reconstructed theater from the inside. Yeah, word on the street was that an American rebuilt it.

London: Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge
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I toured the engine room of the bridge. It was fantastic. Because I'm a dork. And I also did the Science Museum the same day. And there were school children everywhere. And I smurf-kicked one of them. Then the teacher was all like "Damn American girls. Don't they teach you how to play footie?" And I was like "Footie? You mean soccer?"

It is way too late to be writing these posts.

London: Wedding

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Yes, that church is inflateable. This was in Leicester Square. I was buying theater tickets and snow crashed when I saw this. I barely missed getting a picture of the bride.

London: Westminster Abby

Westminster Abby
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The inventor of the jet engine has a plaque in Westminster Abby. I was way more interested in that than in Churchill's... or was it Cromwell's... see. That's what I'm talking about.


Berlin: Bear Foosball

Berlin Bear Foosball
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Berlin: Brandenburg Gate

Brandenburg Gate
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Berlin: Jewish Monument

Jewish Monument
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Berlin: MP Monument

MP Monument
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Berlin: Reichstag Glass Dome

Reichstag Glass Dome
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This Is My Test Photo

green door
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this is my test photo
there are similar green doors
but this one is mine


Ok ok ok. Pictures will be coming. It has been two weeks since my last post. Some of you are still persistently showing up and making requests. Don't expect many pictures of me.

So spread the word or something.


I'm Home, Haven't You Heard?

I'm adjusting.

Talking is still difficult. Either I am entirely silent or I'm blathering on like an idiot. I haven't quite figured out how to have my thoughts in my brain and my thoughts in my mouth at the same time.

The trip made me realize that I really can be an adult. That I have been an adult for a while. Doing it 2000 miles away meant the training wheels were off. That if I screwed up, I had to save myself. Even though I'd been living away from home for 4 or 5 years, it was like I always had a safety net. My parents. My roommates. My friends. In Europe, I had my credit card and a good pair of shoes.

Taking this trip wasn't laziness in action. I wasn't avoiding work. There was more going on than that. If you haven't realized that by now, I don't know why I would bother to explain it.

I expected the Apocalypse. I expected America to shimmer when I got back. Instead, nothing changed. In a way, this was the most relieving outcome. I also expected myself to change. And I really haven't. This is also reliving. My life is still on the same trajectory. The status quo is still standing.

But yeah, this is the end of the blog. My trip is over. I'm still a bit lost in life, but I'm not lost in Europe anymore.

I really could turn this into a work blog. There's so much great material that I know would be fun to write about. But I am pretty sure that I'd get fired. I have no ability to self-censor. I wish someone would write a good blog about being a programmer. I'd probably read it.

By the way, I finally got to see my pictures on my laptop. They are beautiful.