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Gotta Get Away From Here

Why Europe? Why not some place warmer? Why not some place less "everyone else goes there"?

It is the comfort factor. Being in your early twenties and female (and quite possibly traveling alone for a good chunk of this trip) is a safety hazard.

Yes, I am like a 110 pound ninja. Safety shouldn't be an issue. But I'm paranoid (gas mask anyone?) and I don't want to go to a place where I'm likely to be sold off as a sex slave. Also, my travelmate isn't the most discrete traveler. You'd peg her as American at first glance. She's that obvious. She'll wear sneakers everywhere. And she can't control the volume of her voice. I love the girl to death, but she isn't going to blend. I just hope I can pass her off as Canadian (hun, if you are reading this: don't be mad, you know I love you).

Plus, seriously, what's wrong with Europe, anyway? There are loads of places there that I haven't been yet. I have the time and the money to slum around, see some shows, hang out at bars, hit up museums, get lost, get found, find men, and basically do kid stuff. I'm sick of how pretentious people are when I tell them I'm going to Europe. "Ugh, everyone goes there." Yeah, well you've never left the state, bitch. Show me your passport and I'll show you mine.

As far as some place warmer, I'm going to be spending some time in the Caribbean in January. A couple of weeks there is enough for me. I'm not really a sunshine and beaches kind of girl.


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