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Eurail I Hate You

Sure, a rail pass is absolutely vital for any traveler... whatever.

The rail seems ridiculously antiquated to me. When you can fly Ryan Air or Easy Jet for the cost of a taxi ride, what's the point of a rail pass? Especially if you've got Prague, Istanbul, and Moscow on your mind. Getting the proper rail pass is turning out to be a pain in the ass.

I'm thinking about basing this trip out of London. From there do the flights to outlier cities like Dublin and Seville. Then get into Germany and rock the face off of the neighboring countries.

I dunno. I can't see where the rail pass is The Thing that any Euro-tripper needs.

I can see the benefits of sleeping on the train, traveling between cities in your sleep. But I like the instant gratification of plane travel. An hour plane flight, suddenly you are in a neighboring country. And I am still in love with the luxury of plane travel. The perfectly packed small carry on. Having a slightly bored look on my face that says "I do this all the time", but still look good on the flight. I scorn Pajama flyers.


At 7:04 AM, Anonymous Lauren Schmidt said...

un ok, i hate pajama fliers too... i think the only flight i didnt dress up for was when i came to camp the first year. it was out of necessity though- my denim jacket and cowboy hat wouldnt fit in my bag anywhere.

send lederhosen!


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