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Sideways Kills Me

I am not a wine snob, but I do drink a lot of it. I'm open to trying new things (wine from the Midwest, why not?). When I go to the bar or out to eat, a lot of the time I'll get a glass of Cabernet. Sometimes, I change it up.

Then Sideways comes along and I cannot order a glass of Merlot without some fucker overhearing and giving me shit. Sometimes, these people don't even talk, they'll just snicker. It is never the waiter or bartender. I can never tell who it is going to be before I order Merlot. These Sideways bitches come out of nowhere. They think they are superior for laughing at a glass of Merlot, but most of them have no reason for despising Merlot other than the fact that the guy did it in that movie. Anyone with legitimate hatred for Merlot won't snicker or make shitty comments to strangers.

I like Merlot. Fucker. You can't tell Shiraz from White Zin, bitch. Go drink from your fucking box.


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