Lost American Tour



I found ridiculous plane tickets online. Thank you, American Airlines. For getting me the fuck out of America. You are the best. Seriously. Who thought I could get a non-stop ticket from Chicago to Dublin for a little over $300?

The other day I realized that I'm going to Europe for two months. Commencement is so very close now. And then I fly to Ireland.

I got to thinking that two months is full of a lot of days. Yes, it is stupid. But there are a lot of days there. I don't really have a plan for occupying them. I know I have to break them up into 5 to 7 day chunks. Anything more and I'll be stressed. Any less and I'll be rushed. Each day chunk will be assigned a city or country.

Buying the tickets was a bitch, though. I was trying to coordinate the purchase with my travelmate, who is in a different state right now. Then I remember that we're coming back on different days. So I need someone to pick me up at the airport. I drop a call to my mom.

Me: "Hey mom, can you pick me up at the airport on Saturday (some random date)?"
Mom: "That's two days before your sister's birthday."
Me: (uh, ok) "How about (another date)?"
Mom: "Can you hold on a second." (pause) "I'm back. What airline are you flying?"
Me: "American. I just want to know if you can pick me up."
Mom: "Hold on, again." (pause) "I'm back. What ...? Oh, hold on, again."
Me: (god damn it, yes or no woman!!!) "I'm not asking for permission, mom. I'm just asking if you can pick me up."


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