Lost American Tour


Four Days And Counting

I fly out on Tuesday, so the posting should pick up considerably by then. I just couldn't bring myself to post about the bullshit I had to trudge through in order to make this trip happen.

But I can now. So here's some stuff that has been going on:

Eurail sucked it up again. Star (my travelmate) and I had been going back and forth on whether or not to get a rail pass. It seemed so adventurous to just hop on a train whenever we felt like it. I was ready to pay for it when we found out that you may have to pay even more money for certain trains during certain times.

Star lost her shit and cried. I talked the girl down. Maybe it is just this sense of financial freedom that I have that causes me to not lose my shit. Or maybe I know it wasn't a big deal. Anyway, if she cries the whole trip, I'm leaving her ass in Amsterdam. I love the girl to death, but we are not going to have a repeat of what happened in New Mexico (the first Lost American Tour and a story for a later date).

The Berlinale. There is this film festival. I'm so excited. I haven't been to a film festival since high school. Needless to say, this one made me crap my pants. 750 films. Two weeks. I am in love with Berlin. I will name all of my children after the town. I booked my hostel by Alexander Platz, because it is in the middle of the city and just amazing. Star probably will be leaving me around this time, which is alright.

Berlin. Damn. Just damn. It has been such a long time since I've been excited about anything.


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