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It has been a long trip, but I'm finally here in Ireland. It seems a lot more foreign than I thought it would.

Anyway, here are your daily stories:

On the train on the way to Chicago, we were just about to get off at our stop. We were down by the door with these two old ladies and a conductor. The two old ladies asked polite questions about our trip and I was being cute and witty. When they asked what cities in Europe we were going to, I did the list. When I got around to Amsterdam, the train conductor guy freaks out. He goes from totally normal dude to full-on crack-head freak in 0.6 seconds. He starts talking about doing drugs and we all go silent. Then I had to choke down the laugh I was about to let out.

The cool part was that the old ladies had been to our station before and told us that the taxis would just be waiting for us.

And here's an Irish story:
You can still get Subway stamps at the Subways here. As in, the sandwich shop. Yes, I did suck it up on my first day here and get American food. But I almost vomited on the bus ride from the airport to the hostel. I did not want to take a chance with foreign food for lunch. So, bring all of your subway stamps to Ireland to get your free subs. They have Sweet Onion Chicken Tariyaki. Good times.

I also managed to get entirely lost, see a castle, and use two packs of travel Kleenexes.


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