Lost American Tour


The Corner of What and Ever

So, in these thirty seconds, I'm just going to say that I'm in a shit mood. The cold I am battling has moved from my head down into my chest. And it is camping in my chest for all eternity. I don't want to see a doctor here. So I'm drugging it until it gets better. Tomorrow, I will try medicating it with Guinness if it doesn't improve.

Today, I took control of the map. My travel buddy didn't want it out. And I thought she knew where she was going since she had a list of places that she wanted to go. But she got us lost. Oh well. I take command of the map and navigate us around the city. It isn't easy, since I swear that some streets are askew here, but it sort of worked out.

I know it is a crap story. Sorry.

This crazy lady at Dublin castle kept asking me about this museum exhibit at a museum I had never heard of. And strangers were asking us for directions. Thankfully, when I say "I don't know", I have an American accent, so then they leave us alone.

I'm going to go curl up in bed early tonight. Tomorrow, we go to the country side.

Up next, Edinburgh on Monday.

Back to the bump and grind.


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