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the blog is a bit broken right now. there is something wrong with the time stamping. like, you may have missed this entry. so you may want to occasionally be scrolling down to check entries. or not. really, whatever. if you are into vicarious eurotripping.

we did the major sights in Athens today. now it is raining, so we cannot go on this hike to the top of some hill for a gorgeous view of the city. instead, it is light shopping and chilling with some girls.

ok, something i do not understand: internet dating. apparently, when you reach a certain age, it is quite common. i just think it is weird. like Harrison Bergeron weird. if you want to meet someone, meet them. if you want to talk to someone, talk. i did not want to comment when the girls were talking about it.

also, every dude i meet on this trip seems to be a professional photographer. or, you know, a really annoying amateur. they all talk about photo composition and contrast and all that. i just get a bit sick of the talk. i like photography, but i just do not want to hear the analysis of it every time people swap photos.

also, i have to stop talking so much shit. i said something the other day that my editor really should have caught. some girl here was telling a story about the models on the top floor driving her out of her room because the bathroom was Models Only.

i blurt out: what are models doing staying in a hostel. i think by Models, they mean sex worker.

then everyone dies laughing and one of the people closes the door to the room we are in. seriously, if my legs turn up broken in the next 24 hours, blame the models on the top floor.


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