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ok, none of this entry is going to be capitalized. the keyboard is dodgy.

here i am in Athens. and do i have some stories for you.

last night we were in a hotel in London. our flight from Amsterdam to Athens involved a massive layover that i wasn't about to camp out for in airport. well, that meant going through customs at Gatwick. by now, i should be a pro. but this customs guy was seriously grilling me.

him: "where are you coming from?"
me: "Amsterdam."
"how long will you be in London?"
"one night."
"what will you be doing in London?"
"sleeping in my hotel room."
"where are you going next?"
"how long will you be in Athens?"
"two nights."
"where will you go after that?"
"for how long?"
"three nights."
"when is your trip over?"
"February 25."

by then he just sort of gives up on me. i didn't mean to sound snarky when i said the sleeping line, but what did he want me to say? getting a prostitute?

later on at the hotel room...
i look at the thermostat and am like, "let's go crazy and crank it up to 24 degrees... oh wait, it only goes up to 23." i <3 celcius. if only because i have no idea what the real temperature actually is. i'm getting a better grasp of it, though.

now Athens...
it is Star's birthday. i'm trying to think of something spectacular to do for her. i just remember my last birthday. i told on of my friends about how my birthdays normally suck and he pulled it together last minute and made it not suck. in fact, it resembled pretty great. so i'm trying to pay it forward (wink wink little sister).

as a side note:
i have told Star this a million times but i think i've forgotten to put it here. i've been writing one of my grandparents postcards from every stop. i don't know why. it just seemed like a nice thing to do. i think it would make the old lady's day or something.


At 9:54 PM, Anonymous kerstin said...

jeeze with the customs guy. unless you had plastic surgery without telling me and went in requesting "terrorist" features.

in high school, i sent my grandma a postcard from spain. she gave it back to me so i could put it in my scrapbook (that i don't even have). i told her to keep it for HER scrapbook (because she actually has one), but she refused. weird.

At 2:39 AM, Anonymous ken said...

I was always a bigger fan of centigrade. But I guess he ranks up there with dreamcast and betamax. Such a shame.


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