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Weird Running Into You In The Sex Museum

Since it is Amsterdam, Teresa and I decided to go to the Sex Museum. That and the fact it was only €2.50. Yeah. So we were a bit midwestern and weirded out by what we saw. But whatever. It was funny. We pointed and giggle. And occasionally went "eeeeehhhhhhh".

On the steps up to the second story, we run into John. And we burst out laughing. We hadn't seen him since we left him at the train station. I couldn't breath and almost fell down the steps. Seriously, of all the places to run into the dude, we run into him at the Sex Museum, surrounded by pictures of naked cartoon people. At least it wasn't the sado room.

We found out he couldn't go to the comedy club tonight because he's going to Denmark tomorrow. Oh well, we're still going. And we'll probably run into him in Spain. No particular reason we would run into him in Spain, just that it keeps happening.

Anyway, these people love their tulips. I'm just going to say it: The tulip is an ugly flower. It is right up there with the carnation for me. Both can be redeemed by arrangements with other flowers, though.

Also, these people love their bikes. Gas is way expensive here. I've seen the weirdest stuff on bikes here. Like, whole families on one bicycle. There will be very small babies hanging out in the back seat... not moving or anything. They look all corpsified since it is so cold.

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