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Everyday We Are Exhausting Ourselves

It is like we are killing it everyday. No post yesterday. Too much to do at the internet cafe and it was really expensive in Edinburgh. Now I can't find an internet cafe in Amsterdam so we're at the public library. For real.

I am exhausted. With so little time in Edinburgh, we tried to cram in as much stuff as possible. So we did the Edinburgh castle, Holyrood Palace, and a couple of other things. It is very hilly there. Also, the streets are actually askew there. Some are four stories above others. The buildings are tall in Old Town, but you don't really realize it until you are on the lowest street.

We met a couple of other people at our hostel and we did the "Ghost" tour at night. We went to this cemetary. It was very cool. Not terribly spooky, but the guide was very energetic and hilarious. Afterwards we hung out at a bar. Then we found out that one of the guys in our dorm room was on the same flight to Amsterdam with us. We made sure to wake him up to go to the airport with us (because we are just that nice).

Amsterdam is a bit better than I expected. But then again, I am doing the disney-ified version of this. Just museums, tourist spots, and comedy clubs.

I don't know how much internet time I have left because I can't read Dutch. So hopefully tomorrow I'll find an internet cafe for a proper update. We haven't seen one yet, though. That kinda sucks. I need to buy a plane ticket from Athens to Venice.


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