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Fido, Your Leash Is Too Long

We're changing the schedule a bit. Prague is off. The north of the Netherlands is on. We're meeting up with one of my friends. And if anything, it'll be nice to stay at her place for a couple of days.

Yesterday was a Relax Day. We saw the movie Breakfast on Pluto and it was pretty amazing. Yes, I like drag queens. It must be a character flaw or something. I'd recommend seeing it.

Here's something you may not know about Irish theaters. They assign you seats. I was confused. It was an issue when we were buying tickets. Then when I got to the area where the screens were, they asked for my ticket again. By then, I'd misplaced it in my pockets and read the thing wrong and it was just a total mess. Anyway, I told the guy that I wasn't from 'round 'ere and he laughed. It got sorted out pretty quickly though.

Their popcorn is really dry. I miss butter.

Later that night, we made loads of new friends in the hostel. Star got smashed with them, I ate my orange. Everyone talked. Good times. Then we went out to Temple Bar and owned the town. I went along with it because it was cheap entertainment. Everyone told really good stories. We sacked it in sorta late.

Then today we went to Newgrange. It is a pretty place to take pictures, but difficult to write about. Imagine a little fancier Indian burial mounds and you get the idea.

Tomorrow is Edinburgh.


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