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The Party Beer

So yesterday was the last day in Dublin. We ended up going out to a pub called O'Neils with two Canadians, two Californians, and another girl. There was live Irish music. That was the huge draw for our last night there.

It was an amazing night. It blew the night before out of the water. There was good conversation. We all had a Guinness. The Canadians told us all these rules about Guinness. Like, you really shouldn't drink it outside of Ireland. You need to let it settle for a certain period of time before you drink it. Crazy stuff.

Also, they taught us a toast that sounded like "It's a lawn chair" said really fast.

The reason that this post is called "The Party Beer" is because everyone pooled their change together to include me on the Guinness. I could've bought it myself, but they wanted to buy it, so I didn't say anything.

We ended up talking to a busker and he turned out to be a very normal dude. He just likes playing his music in the street.


Now I'm in Edinburgh and I'm kicking myself for not booking more time here. We're going to Amsterdam next and I'm dreading it. Edinburgh is so much more beautiful than I remembered. Tomorrow I will be taking loads of pictures. Also, the hostel I'm staying at is gorgeous! It is seriously nice. And fairly inexpensive. I am in love with this city. Man. Tomorrow we're being hardcore tourists. But tonight we're just catching up on planning our trip out.

Miss you.


At 5:28 AM, Anonymous Ken said...

Where's the entry for the 24th? The day is almost over and there is no new crazy story. Although I don't know how many hours Guinness Mean Time differs from Central, I'm starting to get worried. Travelling to Amsterdam is no excuse for this lack of communication. There are some of us out there with no lives of our own that need to live through your travels. Ok it's probably just me but that is entirely beside the point.

At 4:48 PM, Blogger ella said...

sorry mate. i got stuck in buying plane ticket hell. i had to get this ticket from Amsterdam to Athens and everything kept changing. also, the internet was expensive in Edinburgh. so i wasn't about to spend another $4 for an hour. i'll try to be better, but Amsterdam looks like it sucks at the internet.


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