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Amsterdam, City of Tulips and Anne Frank

Amsterdam is pretty cool. It reminds me of venice, but everyone's english is much better and you occasionally see a car.

It is 0 degrees Celcius here. I expected it to be warmer. Today we camped out in the Van Gogh museum and had a good time there. It was massive. Like, 200 of his paintings massive. I didn't think I was a fan of impressionism, but once I saw a lot of his work (especially the experimental stuff) I decided Van Gogh wasn't too bad of a guy.

Then we went to the Anne Frank museum, which is very multilingual and depressing. Like, earth shattering depressing.

Seriously, I am doing the Disney version of Amsterdam, which is ok with me. I can't remember if I mentioned John, the guy from our Edinburgh leg of the trip. He flew with us down to Amsterdam. Anyway, he's coming to Boom Chicago with us tonight, so that should be fun.

Ok, and sometimes my travelmate is high maintainence. But we got the business sorted out with her credit card company, so hopefully everything goes smoother.

My hostel is beautiful. It is so dutch-retro looking. We have a 20 person dorm nearly to ourselves (an annoying french family was very loud and rude last night). And the breakfast was free and huge. Like, they are spoiling us at this hostel. The shows are hot, private, new, and en suite.

I may have been dreading Amsterdam, but it has been pleasently surprising. Dublin may have been Publin. Edinburgh may have been an unexpected lover or something. But Amsterdam is a pleasent surprise.


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