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We Built This City... On Concrete

We used to joke at camp that the Netherlands was all covered in concrete. I didn't realize how accurate this statement was until I got here. They aren't into green space at all. There are too many people.

Also, everyone here seems to have my glasses, the rectangular ones. It is a lot like America that way.

I found a yarn shop to center my chi today. I actually bought some yarn to make a gift for Wendy, since she's nice enough to let us stay with her for a couple of days.

Did I mention in Edinburgh that every shop played love songs? Seriously, it was disgusting. I made some crack about waiting for "Wind Beneath My Wings" to come on... and then it did.

The comedy club was amazing last night. They worked their asses off. I'd recommend Boom Chicago to anyone coming to Amsterdam. We order drinks for better seats (yeah, that's how I justify it). The show was 2 hours long and then they had audience participation for 45 minutes afterwards. The audience was actually hilarious. But that could've been the Cabernet talking.


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