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Live From The Acropolis

my hostel has a great view of the Acropolis from the rooftop. we had Star's birthday drinks on the rooftop. Athens is a beautiful city at night.

even though we just got in yesterday, we wanted to see some town. so we took a walk through Plaka and did some shopping and eating. i tried the hummus here. it is amazing. Athenos has nothing on this hummus. i also tried this dish called mousaka. it had beef, egg plant, cheese, potatoes and a load of stuff i couldn't identify. it was good. really good.

when the waiter comes by, he asks Star what was wrong with her gyro since she didn't eat it all. but she doesn't hear him correctly and says "yes" and i don't know why i felt the need to tell that part of the story.

anyway... the waiter makes me finish my dinner. he just keeps saying "you finish up". is all of Greece my mother now? no wonder all the women cart around a little extra cushion.

speaking of the people here: i so do not blend. elsewhere in Europe, i am fine. here i stand out something awful. everyone has dark hair. the few that don't are obviously dyed. my skin is pretty pale. at least Star has dark hair. i feel like i'm getting stared at all the time. best case scenario, i pass for German until you talk to me. oh, and here we are definitely telling strangers we're from Canada. not sure why. it was Star's idea. god knows we've met enough Canadians on this trip to pass as one. "Leafs suck" or something like that. eh.


At 7:43 AM, Anonymous erin beck said...

*whine* you're making me so jealous!! yummy mousaka . . . and the plaka. i stayed just off of it and we used to have dinner there all the time or just wander and shop. it's so windy and it all looks the same - so getting back through it was interesting when drunk . . .


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