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Fingers In The Factories: or The Accidental Prostitute

Here's a story I haven't felt comfortable enough to tell until now. I have the time to tell it, so hopefully it won't suck. I've skewed the names and changed it enough to hopefully protect this girl.

I was in our hostel doing some repacking of my pack. The situation had gotten desperate in my bag. There was a girl in the room with me. She was talking on her cell and obviously upset. I ignore her and finish repacking.

As I'm about to head out the door, I realize she's off her cell now and not doing so hot. I can't just leave her like that. I don't even know if she speaks English, but I can't not say anything.

I ask her if she needs help, if there is anything I can do. I'm such a girl scout.

Then she just launches into this story. You know, I'm not even sure if the story is true because it sounds so horrible. But I'm having a hard time believing it isn't true. This is just the overview because the details are ugly and I can't really stand to repeat many of them.

She met this guy. He seemed normal. Nice even. They lived far apart, so they mostly talked online for most of their relationship. He talked a lot of shit about taking care of her and helping her. One day, he bought her a plane ticket to come visit him. So she packs up a bag and goes.

She gets to the city, he meets her at the airport. He's immediately PDAing to the max. She sort of pushes him off a bit because she's not that type of girl. He takes her back to his house and his house is massive and in a great neighborhood. The guy is ridiculously loaded. Apparently, he also had a wife and kids that weren't around. She knew about them and didn't care because they weren't serious.

So he takes her around the city and offers to buy her expensive things (think designer goods that most of us would think are impractical). She says no to many of the things, but he buys them anyway. All she wants is him to buy her dinner. Everything goes fine, but she was a bit uneasy. She said she felt a bit like a possession. He offers her an allowance to keep her in the city. He gives her money to go buy things she doesn't really want.

Then at night, he's coming on strong. Creepily strong. She pushes him off and it is a cranky night for all. The next day is a bit tense. At night, he tries to get her drunk, but she pretends to be drinking more than she is. He comes on creepily strong again.

Finally things come to a head. The argument is huge and violent. She starts smashing his expensive house up. He tries to guilt her into sleeping with him with the fantastic argument of him buying her all these expensive presents and offering her money. She basically tells him that she isn't his whore.

Then she runs off to stay at the hostel I was staying at. Of course, there are more ugly, violent details than what I've told you here. Mostly, I was scared for her safety. Because this guy was a total cunt. Money really cannot buy manners. Or some women, for that matter.

We ended up talking about why she came to visit him in the first place. Basically, she said that it sounded nice to be taken care of for once since her family never really had a whole lot. She didn't care that he was married because he was nice and she wasn't serious about him. Then when he turned cunty, she realized it wasn't worth it. And she got sad about her ex-boyfriend she'd been seeing before the cunty guy. The only thing wrong with her ex was that he didn't have a lot of money, which is why they broke up. And it wasn't until now that she realized money wasn't important to her. That she just wanted to be treated well as opposed to being treated like a whore. So she was going to try to see if her ex would take her back since she realized what she had lost.

This may be a neatly wrapped up little story. It may have a simple message. It may not be a story that I'd necessarily watch in a movie theater. But it was so weird to hear coming out of this girl's mouth. It was horrifying to hear the terrible things this nice girl was saying. The underbelly of the world is a very angry place. And sometimes I wonder why I'm afraid of money. Does money actually make people fucked up? Did this cunty guy start out normal? Or does the world just breed assholes sometimes?


At 9:05 PM, Anonymous Antoine said...

Money is a powerful force. But I don't think it'll turn a man into a total cunt. I doubt this genetleman would be any more fun to be around if he were middle-class.

At 5:17 AM, Anonymous ken said...

When will they learn, there are ladies out there willing to sleep with you for money. I mean you're in Amsterdam right?

P.S. The last two letters in my word verification are fu. What are the odds of that? Probably like 1 in 676.

At 12:01 PM, Blogger ella said...

i've seen some pretty freaking word verification on some sights.

i've definitely seen the word FUCK in one. hope all is well in MN.


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