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All's Quiet On The European Front

It is seriously cold here, kids. I'm in Leeuwarden. That's in the north of the Netherlands. Or is it Holland? I'm not even sure the natives know what to call it. Also, the people here like to stare at tourists. Because we are weird.

Yeah, bro. And that truck playing the strange Dutch nursery rhymes in the street is totally normal.

There are Film Fests all over Europe, just so you know. Like, they are everywhere.

In the streets of Amsterdam on my last night, a drunk homeless person called Star and I "Fucking Meat Suckers." Star is a vegetarian. I'm pretty sure she wasn't sucking meat. So I told him so.

Also, I'm sick of the criticism for going to Amsterdam and not doing drugs. Seriously, it isn't like they have mandatory bong hits when you go through customs at the airport. There is architecture and museums and canals and windmills here.

I've been in Europe too long. I can feel my vowels changing. I want my accent back.

I'm learning some cool Dutch words. Like Gezellig, Opstapper, Uit, Welkom Aan Boord. You know, useful stuff.

And this is the best blog entry ever!!! For real. Ugh, more on that later.


At 7:21 PM, Anonymous Jim said...

I am just seeing what is new. Where is that film festival that you were so excited about?

At 8:42 PM, Blogger ella said...



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