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The German Word For Brownie is Brownie

I miss having spell check for these posts.

Today I learned that the german word for "brownie" is "brownie". I don't know if it is actually spelled the same. Regardless, when I ordered one for dessert at lunch, I got halfway through the order and stumbled on the word. I did the pause and point. And the dude was like "brownie". It was fantastic.

Speaking of things that are fantastic, I have been talking in my sleep. There are two girls in my room who come in quite late every night. They kind of wake me up, but not fully. Just enough so I don't stay in deep sleep all night. This leads to me sleep talking. I know because I woke up fully once to them making fun of me. I do hope I said something interesting like "Let's kill these bitches" but I don't think I did.

The best german word ever is "Anprobe". It means "fitting room". Mostly, it sounds like aliens are going to have a great time with you after you enter the room.

I bought a new outfit for tomorrow. I know I made a big stink a couple of days ago about being a minimalist, but I haven't done the wash since the Netherlands. I wanted to wear something to the film festival that doesn't have blood stains, soda spills, or chocolate on it. I am such a klutz.

By the way, I now measure time in places I've been to.

I hurt. The cold makes it hard to bend my knees, but I hauled my ass all over town today. I can rest tomorrow. I have tickets to 3 films, so I can definitely rest tomorrow.


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