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Where Have You Gone?

Mike Doughty was singing in my head the entire flight here. I cannot remember the name of the song. I only remember a few lyrics. Like "Where have you gone?" I find it oddly fitting.

I left the warm loving arms of London for the snowy Berlin. The snow makes it feel just a little bit more familiar. It puts me in a good mood, actually. I didn't want it to look totally alien here. Also, it helps that the people here look like me. And if I just ignore the fact they are speaking German... ah, Deutschland. Good times.

The entire London scenester crowd followed me to Berlin. They were all on my EasyJet flight. It was only mildly annoying.

So, still on my own. It is weird when I realized that I really can go days without really talking to someone. It is nice in its own way. Like, other people do bring a lot of bullshit into my life. I don't get angry when I'm alone. So me by myself is just a happy medium. Although, sometimes, there is some weird joke I think of that I want to share with someone. And I can't.

Yesterday I had the best dinner I have eaten in months, possibly years. I was at this resturant called Pan Asia. I spent more on my dinner than I did on my hostel for the evening. Ok, that is not as bad as it sounds. The hostel is 15 euro, the meal was 17. I had miso soup, which was fantastic. They did it really well. Then I had Yaki Tori. It was marinated chicken kebab on a bed of noodles and other unidentifiable things. I am a dangerous eater. I love trying new weird stuff. And the portions were massive. I've gotten used to eating by myself. I bring my journal so I can write out my thoughts and not stare at people the whole time. Also, the german eating experience is very different from America. Thankfully, I was prepaired.

Well, there is actual stuff to do today. I might blog more tonight. Auf Weidersehen.


At 3:19 AM, Anonymous Antoine said...

That dinner sounds so freaking good.

Maybe because I love miso soup, or maybe because I'm hungry.

Okay, time for dinner.


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