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London, Still

Two Old Stories from Athens:
1: In Greek, "I'm sorry" and "excuse me" have about 5 syllables. So I could never remember them. One time on the metro, it was really crowded. We were shoved towards the back standing up. When we came to our stop, no one moved to make way at the door. So I slowly made my way around people. When I got near the door, there was this dude with his arm extended to the hand hold, blocking about 3/4 of the door in the process. The buzzer sounded and I totally panicked that we weren't going to miss our stop. So I sort of shoved him out of the way. Off the train. Oops. Star and I hurry away and he jumps back on the train. Well, I guess I learned something that semester I studied in Cergy ("In France, we push.").

2: When we were in Athens, there was this guy at the hostel, Chris, who decided to play the world's saddest birthday song for Star. He played this song by The Waves. I think it was called "London, Still".

Anyway, it has been stuck in my head since I got here. I'm trying to replace it with Southern Bells by The Faint, but without my iPod, this task if futile.

So yeah, I'm chilling in London for a few days before the Berlin Film Festival. I failed to make a decision about Prague, so time made the decision for me. Star went to Paris to meet up with a friend, so now I'm really on my own. It is actually kind of amazing. Like, I only have to worry about myself. It makes things a bit easier. I mean, sometime soon I might miss talking to people, but I've actually talked to a fair amount of people in the hostel since I've gotten here.

Leaving Venice. Such a weird city. Words cannot express. The boat bus taking us out of the city crashed into the dock and almost knocked me down in the process. It is a given that the boats will ram the docks a little bit.

Venice is what I think of when I think of Europe. Tall buildings froma mix of periods. Old women in furs walking arm in arm. Streets that aren't on the map. Churches everywhere. In an old city like Venice, it is hard not to believe in God. A million artists dedicated their lives to religious paintings, sculptures, and frescos. Ok, maybe that art is what paid the bills, but they still created it, you know?

It was a sunny every day we were there. I still always wore my coat, but I think I may have gotten a little tan on my face.

This morning, I asked the all important question of "Where does the dog poop go?" There are a fair amount of dogs, but I never saw any poop.

The color of the water is so uniue. I've never seen this cloudy aqua color anywhere else. I don't know why it is like that. With all the boats and people, I have to wonder why it isn't brown.

Also, I spelled ciao wrong in my last post. Fantastic. This post should be full of errors as well since I cannot run the spell checker on this computer.


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