Lost American Tour


Rain Out

Bored now.
The rain turns up the suck.
Faking fun.
Not sure where to go next.
No emails from friends.
Can't write anything worth writing.
This is a pointless exercise in typing.
More bad dreams.
Spending money to spend money.
Stopped talking shit. Stopped talking.

That makes me sound way more dark than I actually am. But the rain really kills a day. I hate hanging out at the hostel, even if these are the best people we have ever run into. Yeah, the hostel is amazing, but I did not fly to Greece for the hostel. At least we managed to do most of the major stuff. And eat weird food. Oh, and that dish I had the other day was called Moussaka. I think I got the spelling close.

I gave away my copy of Ender's Game. A girl at the hostel looked like she needed it more than me. I've already read it twice on this trip. I'll just buy another copy when I get to the States. I refrained from telling her it is sci-fi, because you know how girls normally get about that stuff. Besides, it is an amazing book. Pretty much if you like to read, you'll like the book.

Anyway, this girl and her travelmate sort of reminded me of Star and me. One is the partier, one would rather sack it in early so she wouldn't burn the daylight the next day sleeping.

Onward and outward to Venice. Word on the street: there is a cafe on the island that does free internet.


At 5:37 AM, Anonymous Ken said...

While I realize Venice is in the keester region of Italy, if you make your down to towards the knee I have an idea that would be fun especially on a rainy day.

Here is your mission should you choose to accept it: Go to the Vatican City. Find an internet cafe, or something close enough. Browse to some hard core porn.

I mean how many people can say they traveled halfway across the world to the heart of the Catholic religion just to look up porn. I know I can't. Its blasphemy thats fun for the whole family.


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