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Today was a pretty decent day. The sun was out in London. For real. It was. I was crossing the Millenium Bridge and had the familiar sun on my face. It felt so normal. It felt like home.

I got my nerd on. I saw the engine room of Tower Bridge. Then I did the Science Museum, which was packed with annoying British children. But I stared at a lot of math surfaces, knots, old slide rules, difference engines, random inventions. It was a good time. It made me think about DNA, though. DNA makes me sad. Reducing someone down into the atomic level makes me sad. I am so weird.

Then shopping. I feel like one of those women with a rich husband. Nothing serious happened today. Just another chill day in London. It got up to 13 degrees, which was awesome. I opened my coat a few times. I was on Oxford Street and I passed an H&M on every block. Then I saw The Gap. And it reminded me that I think their Left Weave Jeans campaign is stupid. Someone needs to get fired for that shit.

Oh, I don't think I've mentioned who this trip is brought to you by. Well, this trip is brought to you by: The Gap - Everything I packed was from there, by accident. Baccardi Breezers - Star's fruity drink of choice. Subway - They now dominate the globe. There's another sponsor. But I've forgotten by now.

Have I mentioned that I hate how British men my age dress? Yes, it is all very stylish, but it is generic Euro-style. None of them have personal style. It's like these people take a trend and run with it. I used to be all about European men. Now, they repulse me. I've gained a new respect for how Jesse dresses. I'm excited to see a grey t-shirt and jeans.


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