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So, today was amazing. Mostly because it wasn't terrible. I woke up ass early and waited around for the tube tickets to get cheaper (and nothing I wanted to do opened until 9:30 AM).

I spent the morning at the British National Gallery. It was nice to set my own pace. There were loads of school groups there, so I actually learned stuff. Like, Dutch painters have a thing for cows. Actually, some of the works there were quiet moving... and by moving, I mean lonely looking. They had loads of the Venitian painters I saw in Venice. So it was a nice transition into London.

Then I went and got cheap tickets to The Producers. Followed by a lunch by myself. I started to notice all the other people eating by themselves and wondered why they were alone.

After that, I went to the Tower of London. I caught the amazing free guided tour... after I paid the £11 admission, bitches. It was worth it though. I got to see the royal bling and be a tourist with the other tourists.

Then it was onward to the British Library. They had religious texts of every religion I could think of. And they had loads of old music and novels. The books on desplay were very beautiful. I love books, though, so I am probably biased. They didn't have the Magna Carta out, which made me a bit sad, but oh well. They also had this interesting section on Nobel Prize winners.

Then I did a fast food dinner where a homeless person asked me for money. I froze. He repeated himself. I started to answer in German. All the words just flowed out. I don't know why I reacted that way. I just panicked. It was ugly. I felt terrible afterwards.

I finally bought some shampoo. Yeah, you needed to know that.

Then I saw The Producers. It wasn't bad. Which brings us to now, where I blog.

Ok, here's a funny story (well, I think it is funny):
The other day, I was talking to another girl in my room. I was telling her about Venice and how PETA obviously doesn't compaign there. Then she started to tell me how she signed this animal rights petition and the protester looked at her funny. Apparently she was wearing a sheepskin hat.

Then, word for word, she asks, "Is sheepskin made from sheep? Like, do they have to die?"

Umm, I hope so. It would be really disturbing if the sheep didn't die first. So I told her yeah. And she thought that since people ate lamb that it was ok. I pretended I agreed with her. Because it was easier than falling down that rabbit hole.


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