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Two things. The second one is much weirder.

One. Marilyn Manson is in town. How cool is that? Seriously, when I saw that in the paper, it made my little day. I wish I could've seen the teaser he was screening for the Lewis Carroll movie. Man, Lindsey Lohen and Meryl Streep have nothing on Manson. I even thought I saw that Vin Disel guy shopping for a car and didn't even bother to do a double take to check. But Marilyn Mason gets at least a paragraph in my blog. Man.

Two. I think I got shaken down on the S-Bahn today. I was riding without a ticket. It half slipped my mind and I didn't bother to go buy a ticket. I figured I do it later. I had never seen a ticket verifier... until today.

Yeah, this dude and chick came by checking tickets. I was screwed. I end up getting escorted off the train. I was thinking that I probably shouldn't have left the train, but it is day and there were loads of people around. I try to think of a plausable reason for not having a ticket.

It isn't going well. And these people are super sketchy. I ask to see badges. They show me the lamest badges I've ever seen in my life. We're talking cheapy looking printouts that look hand laminated and don't even have photos on them. I tell them that they look like subway passes. That I don't think they are who they say they are. I should've demanded to see the police. But I didn't.

Two people turned into four. They were asking for the 40 euro fine. To be paid now. I was obviously being intimidated. I pause for a second and was thinking "Fuck it, I'll pay my way out of this." They gave me a receipt (which might mean they actually were ticket inspectors), but I really didn't care. I gave them their damn money and got away as quickly as possible. I have serious doubts that they were who they said they were, but I was by myself and obviously an easy target.

At least I'm getting out of Berlin tomorrow. Man. So looking forward to an english speaking country.


At 5:58 PM, Anonymous sibling said...

I thought you were stayin 10 days in berlin? Where are you going for the last days of your tour?


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