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I saw films today.

It was nice.

You may have expected more from this post. But I am bitchy and hungry and have no one to blame but myself.

The film "4:30" it total shit. Don't let anyone tell you different. Unless you like films like "Napoleon Dynamite", "Punch Drunk Love", and "Broken Flowers". But that probably means that I don't trust your judgement anyway. And you probably see films high/drunk. It suffered from Independent Film Syndrome. They also expected an 11 year old to carry the film. Big mistake.

You know, I actually don't really mind when I see a terrible film. Then I know what the good ones are like. Which I guess is sort of a BuddhĂ­st way of looking at it.

I've got to start talking again. I'm doing this thing where when strangers talk to me, I just stare at them until they go away. Granted, they are speaking German, but I could try to be a human for 5 seconds.


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