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Berlinale In Review

No 2
From New Zealand. I wouldn't recommend that all my friends go see this movie, but it was a cute little story. It had some serious technical problems, like the slow motion looking really jerky. Anyway, the highlight was when Ruby Dee came out at the end. She seemed like kind of a cokehead. She went totally non-linear when she was talking. I was reminded of Kayne West's rant against Bush.

11 men out
From Iceland. Summary: A gay soccer movie. It was thoroughly enjoyable. 90 minutes of pretty solid indie work and it was done. I felt bad for the kid in the movie, the parents were really sucky. It was believable. You should see it sometime... maybe on rental. When I got to the theater, I couldn't remember what it was about. Then I looked around at the auidence and remembered.

I pretty much described this one two posts ago. Basically it was a collection of montages where you are supposed to feel emotion for the character. I just felt hungry. Don't bother with this film. Unless you want to see the most realistic vomiting I've ever seen in a film in my life. Most of the audience had to look away.

Dead Run
From Japan. Pretty amazing, actually. Ok, it was really fucked up and weird, but otherwise a good time. It was a nice little dark story. All the characters were done pretty well. This film had young actors again, but these ones could actually carry the story better than 4:30.

From USA. I don't want to remember this movie. It looked cheap. And terrible. They went for gay romp and got stuck in total crap. I actually walked out. That's how bad this film was. I have a huge attention span, but this film was annoying and looked like they gave beginners a camera. The director was there (which is pretty common at this film festival) and if I was him, I would've been embarassed by people paying to see this movie.

Tomorrow I go back to Ireland for Irish country side fun.


At 7:54 AM, Blogger Sam said...

So, the last one was it just too poorly done that it wasn't even funny? Or was it just about nothing? Or is it so bad you really have tried forgetting it?

At 9:56 AM, Blogger ella said...

so poorly done it wasn't even funny. terrible camera work and acting. and to top it off, the story was bad as well. i wish they would've just made it all out porno so then it would've had a purpose. it got to the point where the audience laughed when a character said "fuck", which is really lame in my book.


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