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Ireland Now!

So, there are a couple of funny things you see when you travel. Since I don't have anyone to share them with, I am sharing them with all of you.

Going through security (the part where they x-ray your bags and sometime grope you), there were these four kids ahead of me. Maybe 15 years old, max. One of the boys gets up to the part where you have to have your stuff x-rayed. Well, he throws down his bag, takes off his coat, and proceeds to empty a small universe out of his pockets. There was so much crap in his pockets, no wonder his pants were falling down. Then, the kicker, he throws down enough condoms to last a nympho college student a month. Ok, that was definitely an exaggeration. But these kids had maybe three pubic hairs between the four of them. What the hell?

After going through the security process twice today and having to answer all the lovely questions, I feel like a criminal. I keep thinking, the next time I have to go through security, I'm just going to strip down naked and walk through because this x-ray situation is crazy. I have had some of the friskiest pat downs ever while in Deutschland. Like, I kept thinking I should've tipped the lady or something.


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