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Last Post Of The Day, I Promise

Ok, so my last Friday here is a Rugby Friday. This means you need a Mafia connection to get a room in Dublin. Somehow, I found a room at a B&B that doesn't look half bad. But I went to half a dozen and got turned down first. I was looking at B&Bs because the hostel situation was totally ridiculous. There wasn't a bed to be had anywhere.

But this nice fellow is going to rent me this basement room for the really reasonable price of 60€ in a good part of Dublin. I could've kissed him. Except he was old. And I have a boyfriend.

Later on, I went to the ATM to get some cash for my little road trip this week. There is a girl ahead of me, so I wait. Then she leaves the machine and hauls ass down the road. I go to put my card in and realize that this girl forgot her money. I grab it and yell for her that she forgot her money. She quickly turns around and thanks me. Good times. Then the woman behind me in line says something like "Good on you. We can see your little halo." It was sort of weird because I never even considered keeping it. Like, I just don't think like that. This was someone else's money. I couldn't have even told you how much was there. And besides, I already had a lucky day finding that room in the B&B.


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