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I know I bitch and moan a lot. A lot. So here's something more cheerful.

This is the first substantial amount of time off I've had since I was 14. All the other summers were spent working. Working at summer camps (which was fun, but still work), shoveling popcorn, busing tables, or interning. I just realized today that I haven't done any school or work in over two months. It has been fantastic. I know that my lifestyle right now isn't sustainable, barring a sugar daddy, but I've loved it. Everyday I wake up and ask myself what I want to do that day. Sometimes I write. Sometimes I just walk around and take photographs. I just go where ever the day takes me.

The B&B hotel clerk is great. He's got this really Irish accent and sometimes I feel like I've stumbled into a film because he just can't be for real. I think he must be the owner as well. No one else seems to ever be there besides the cleaning lady.

I ran into the busker that I met the last time I was in Dublin. He was in the same spot I saw him the first time. He was belting out some Johnny Cash songs, since they've come back into fashion with the movie and all. I keep seeing people around the city that I met the last time I was here. It has been a citywide Where's Waldo. I've also seen people who shouldn't be here. People who should be back in America. On second glance, it is never who I thought it was, but it made me smile anyway.

So, yeah. It was a good day.


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