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Having Craic

I don't know what was wrong with me yesterday. I think hanging out with those girls was doing my head in. All that estrogen in a tiny bus, christ. And the ones with boyfriends call those dudes 3 times a day and have pictures all over the place. I think I must've really sold my ovaries when I was a freshman in college. But I wouldn't be surprised if I started bleeding from my uterus. Damn women.

Anyway, our 6 day group broke off from the 3 day group, so now it is just the two Australians and me plus our fearless tour guide. And by "fearless tour guide" I mean sick Irish dude. Eh, I can find my own fun, really. I've been getting some amazing pictures. We're in Cork today, which is very pretty. I have to resist the urge to take pictures of every Georgian door I see because I think I already have 50 pictures of them. I did the whole churches and shopping thing in the couple of hours I've been here. A lot is closed, though, because it is a Sunday during the off-season.

Before I left on my trip, one of my friends said it sounded lonely going to all these places by myself. And I am surprised that it hasn't been. I can always find something to do. Even wandering town isn't too bad. Sometimes I do feel the need to share this stuff with other people, but it really doesn't feel lonely anymore. I write in my journal a lot to get thoughts out of my head. It has been a really relaxing change from school. Basically now I can follow my whims and do what I want.

In Ireland, they have this think called "craic". It is pronounced crack. It means fun or having a good time. So our guide will say something like "We'll be having some craic tonight" and it is always funny. I dunno. But speaking of crack. I was talking to one of the Australian girls and she was telling me about dating this detective. Apparently, it wasn't really working out because she was living in a "nice looking" crack house and occasionally had some "gear" on her when she went to party. I think I kept a straight face even though I wanted to be like o.0

Last night, a bunch of the girls did dinner together at a pub. The food was pretty amazing. They'd drank a lot the previous night, so they were starting the night out with water. We'd gone to the bar to get a couple of carafs of it. Later on in the meal, a waiter brought by a refill. One of the girls says, "Awe, thanks. You're so nice." And he's says, "You don't even know me. I could be a cunt." All the girls go silent as he walks away. I totally bust up laughing.

Final thing, I've been hearing songs off the Garden State soundtrack all over this country. I wish I knew why. It's starting to get annoying.


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