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Girl Out Of Water

Woah, so this paddywagon tour is pretty interesting. The tour guide is this hilarious Irish guy who spent time in the army and traveling the world and now is trained as an Electrical Engineer. He is the one I have the most in common with on the bus.

Because the other people are... not my people.

1. There are all females on my tour, except one dude from Germany.
2. All the girls are from the states, except two girls from Australia.
3. All the girls are 19 or 20, except the two girls from Australia.
4. All the girls go to University of Wisconsin schools (some even go to La Crosse, damn!) or Illinois schools. Way too close to home.
5. Their majors are either marketing, elementary education, psychology, or biology.
6. The girls are grouped into a group of 6, 3, and 2 that knew each other before this tour.

Seriously, I am a fish out of water here. I don't really do girls, you know? I'm a frickin Computer Engineer here. The tour guide is closer to the type of people I normally hang out with and he's a 30something Irish guy. I stick with the Australian girls a bit because they're on the 6 day version of the tour, like me, and everyone else is on the 3 day.

I do talk a little bit. I'm trying not to be a total misanthrope, which is hard when they aren't even in the same universe as my people. All the girls are friendly enough, because we're all from the Midwest and we're friendly people there. But I have so little in common with these girls. Sometimes when they're talking, I have absolutely nothing to contribute to the conversation because they're talking girl.


At 7:35 PM, Anonymous Antoine said...

It's funny. Your post reads as: All of these girls are of my age and from the same background as me - why can't I find anyone like me? :-)

At 6:27 PM, Blogger ella said...

yeah. that pretty much sums it up, Twanie.


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