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Thank You For Making This Awkward For Me

So, a continuation on the day that sucked a lot. We drove out to this lake. Lake Anascoul. It was very pretty. We had done the Dingle Pennisula that day and saw some really beautiful scenery. My pictures will be fantastic. Anyway.

We drove out to this lake. Since the keys had been locked in the van, the four of us were cruising around in a little Ford Fiesta. A fiesta it definitely wasn't. The Australian girls were feeling very childish and at one point sprayed our tour guide with water. I normally wouldn't have cared, but I just wasn't in the mood for kid games.

So we drove out to this lake and I bolted from the car and just walked as far and as fast as I could to get away from there. I had been trapped for way too long in that tiny vehicle. So I reach this gate that I wasn't sure if I should go through. So I just sat by the gate.

I'm looking at this beautiful lake. These beautiful mountains. There are sheep baa-ing near me. It is a kodak moment. I almost feel like crying because I hated the people I was with so much at that moment. I start singing some Magnetic Fields. Fido Your Leash Is Too Long. I just kept singing the verses I knew over and over again. Apparently, I was out there quite a long time because they drove out there after me.

So my little singsong in the middle of nowhere helped settle my chi. Later that night we went out for drinks at this cocktail bar. I knew I shouldn't have gone out. I wasn't particularly liking these people at the time and how would adding a bar to the equation help anything? But I go anyway. And am a bit bored and not really feeling it. I watch the soccer game for a while. Around 10 PM I think it is safe to leave.

Then in the morning it is the most awkward situation ever. One of the Australian girls had slept with the tour guide. It was the nice good-girl seeming one. They both played off the bad girl/good girl stereotypes when it came to picking up men. I was a bit glad that he didn't go after the bad one because then the day might have totally been unbearable.

I played at oblivious because I'm good at it. The day got started an hour late and I didn't hear about it until I regularly scheduled leaving time. Whatever. I had my books. I was fine. Annoyed everyone was hungover, but fine.

Then at lunch, the guide pulls me aside and asks me if I'm having an ok time and apologizes that I got the message about the later leaving time in the morning. At first, I had no idea what this dude was going to say to me. I decide to make him squirm a bit because this has now turned into the most awkward trip ever. He didn't know that I knew about last night. So I make him wriggle like a worm on a hook a bit with the comments I make, coming close to letting him I know, but still ambiguous. Then I get bored and just say that I'm quiet and I am having an ok time (which wasn't a lie). Honestly, I could've cared less who he got his penis wet with. But seriously, learn discression, dude.

It made me realize that sometimes quiet people are just quiet. They get misread as angry. Or they get misread a nice. Quiet people are just quiet. Sometimes.


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