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Now that we've gotten that out of the way. Last night, we stayed in the Land That The Internet Forgot (aka The Place With No ATM, aka Bumfuck, Ireland). It was actually a pretty cool and quaint little town. The bar we had dinner at was very nice and they played music that I liked. I danced around to NIN's The Hand That Feeds because I was sick of all the depressing music we had playing in the van. It was hilarious when I selected that song and some System of a Down, because the crowd was evenly divided between very very old people and people my age. It was, in a word, amazing.

Then this morning, our tour guide locked the keys in the van. Thankfully, I had my purse, so I walked down to the only service station in town to get snacks. Because I knew this problem would take a while. I stocked up on loads of food and bunkered down in the hostel lounge. I did some puzzles and passed the time talking. Then he decided to borrow a car from the hostel manager to take the girls and I down to Dingle.

It is cold in Dingle. It is another quaint little town, but this one had internet cafes... that weren't open. I could've cried at that point. I took in some really good lunch and wandered around shopping. I bought some yarn. Then on a whim, I passed the internet cafe again. I definitely would've cried if it was still closed, but it wasn't.

And now I realize that my backpack is still in the trunk of the little car we drove out here in. And I don't think our tour guide is going to remember about it. And that may suck. And the other girls are a bit pissy. And I don't know why their undies are all in a bundle. And.

And I have to poop.

Somewhere in this post I should mention that I kissed the Blarney Stone and drove around the Ring of Kerry. The Blarney Stone was not at all what I expected. I had to walk all the way up to the top of this castle on a spiral staircase that was very narrow. Then I had to lay on my back to kiss the thing. It was not what I expected at all. The Ring of Kerry was beautiful, though. Cliffs, mountains, green valleys, beaches (wtf?), sheep. We watched the sun set on the beach. It really wasn't what I expected to do in Ireland.


At 4:23 AM, Anonymous Ken said...

Did the Blarney Stone slip you the tongue? All I remember from my experience is getting my hopes up only to have the bastard never call me back...

At 7:53 PM, Blogger ella said...

haha. yeah. he seemed like kind of a kiss and tell. there were pictures on the internet and everything.


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